Teresa“Since the birth of our first child in 2010, our family has benefitted from the services of Community Midwifery Services (CMS). Their care of mother, father, and child has been consistently good and loving through the total seven different team members who have attended our three births. Not only did the team monitor three healthy pregnancies followed by safe and positive delivery experiences, but they also offered their support during two miscarriages. Dark days surrounded the loss of our babies, but the midwives embraced us with invisible arms with their on-call advice, ever ready to offer words of comfort.

For us, the service offered through CMS has proven to be quite elite. Nutritional guidelines were established to promote a healthy pregnancy. Great care was taken to monitor with extra diligence every symptom of pregnancy, including emotional and social support of the mother. Finally, when the joyful day of delivery arrived, they happily spent whatever amount of time necessary to support long labors – and in our case, two all-nighters – without any indication of resentment for the loss of sleep or impatience with slow labor. Being at home, we were able to set our own comforting atmosphere, eat our own food, and had the comfort of bonding with our baby in our own bed.

We are so blessed to have had such a positive experience for the past five years with women who are in the business of loving mothers and babies.”

-Teresa and Matthew V.

Andrea“When I became pregnant for the first time, the nurse in me was seeking skilled, competent care in a safe setting. The soon-to-be mother in me was seeking reassuring, encouraging care in a comfortable setting. When I mentioned the option of a home delivery to my husband, he was completely terrified. After sitting down with CMS for the free consultation, we knew we had found the right care team and home would be the perfect place to welcome our little one. Everyone at CMS was friendly and respected my concerns and wishes. Michelle and Jessie attended the incredibly peaceful, water birth of our healthy, beautiful little girl. The care provided by these two professionals after delivery and for the next six weeks was the ABSOLUTE BEST for a first time mother. In addition to scheduled visits at home and the office, they were available by phone for all my worries and concerns. I should note that for a first time mother there are MANY. I love the CMS staff. They have become family. I would not have a baby any other way and with any other care team.”

-Andrea K.


“I found out I was pregnant with my first baby at 25 years of age. My husband and I knew that a home birth was the birth our hearts’ desired. I sought out CMS to care for me and to monitor our baby as we grew through a wonderful pregnancy. CMS was always there for me and very attentive to all our needs and concerns. I always felt I had the best traditional medical care available to me, but with a less invasive approach. The midwives were warm and friendly and administered our prenatal care with lots of love. I had no fears with the CMS staff as my birthing team. Our baby girl’s delivery went off without a hitch and I would not change one thing about our choice. I was loved and supported by my amazing midwives throughout my entire pregnancy, labor, and postpartum. Six months later, I still feel their love. I grew as a woman with CMS by my side. You will too!”

-Roxy B.

Audra“I first came to CMS at 37 weeks pregnant with my first child. Knowing that I wanted to have a drug free, cord-delayed clamping, free to move about birth, the conventional hospital birth setting we were at felt more like we were preparing for a fight than a birth. After much prayer we found CMS. From the moment we walked in the door on that first visit we felt an amazing peace. We had such a short time to get to know the women, but after only 4 weeks of prenatal care, we felt prepared and a part of the family. During labor, Gail and Chelsey were there with me the entire time as I needed to be physically connected with them during my contractions. They made me feel so secure and confident in my body’s ability to do what it is designed to do. The birth of our daughter at home was more incredible than we could have imagined or hoped for. We are looking forward to the next pregnancy and birth to be able to spend the whole experience with the CMS family.” 

-Audra B.

Sarah“The team at CMS was fantastic. Exactly what I look for in a midwife, there when I needed them without asking but silently cheering me on when my body was at work. My birth was lovely, in my home, with my team, my children and my husband surrounding me. It was happy, like a celebration and I have the most fond memories every time I walk into my bedroom.

The women at CMS were hard to say goodbye to as they feel like family after assisting me in such a monumental part of life. Everything from “off” hour phone calls, prenatal visits that turned to laughing and chatting, prompt response to labor, care throughout the laboring process and post attention, makes CMS a total package midwifery service. I have and still feel like I can continue to turn to them for advice and guidance on anything from my personal health to breastfeeding questions. They always go above and beyond. “

 -Sarah J.


“First of all, I’m so thankful for my homebirth. Having the personal care of a midwife who lets you birth the way you want and facilitates your care based on your preference is amazing!”

-Holly A.






“We enjoyed having CMS help us deliver both our children! CMS was professional, concerned, and very well trained. If we were to have anymore, I wouldn’t hesitate to use their services again. One of my favorite things about them was their concern for proper preparation. Nutrition, Nutrition, and more Nutrition and ad…vice on a 40 week preparation for our desired birth. Many people give more attention to diet and exercise to run a marathon. I think preparation is far more important for the marathon of birth.”

-Dr. William B. Sparks


“My first birth experience with CMS was watching them care for a friend of mine. I couldn’t help but notice how incredibly different her experience was from my first pregnancy where I was treated with disrespect, and even contempt, by my OBGYN. Her birth convinced me that maybe it would be okay to have another child, because, obviously, pregnancy didn’t have to be the way I experienced it the first time around.

My son’s birth was peaceful, calm, comfortable (I SLEPT through labor!), and felt so secure. I was never out of control of my body or my situation. No one told me what to do. I was given gentle suggestions and watched over diligently by Gail and Yvonne. They let me know how well I was doing, how well my baby was doing, and they made me feel safe and cared for and about. They rejoiced in the peaceful, joyful birth as much as our family did, and they shed tears of joy and wonder with us.

I am nearing the end of my second pregnancy with CMS. It’s been a rougher pregnancy this time, as my life has been a bit wilder, and my every day support has been very busy and often absent. I could not have made it through this without Yvonne, Gail and Michelle. They are my safe place. They have watched my health and my diet, but they have also watched over my emotional well-being. They have offered comfort and strength, caring and even love. I feel so blessed to have the support of these wonderful women in this, my last pregnancy. I am grateful to have found woman-centered midwifery as an alternative to the policy-centered care of most hospitals. And I’m grateful to have found the diligent, watchful care and the warm friendship of the midwives of CMS.” 

-Pixie S.

Jennifer“CMS has supported me and my family through both of my pregnancies and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Having a drug-free birth and delayed cord clamping were very important to me and with the care of a midwife I didn’t have to “fight” for these things. I was able to be very relaxed during labor and listen to my body and my baby with no pressure to do something I didn’t want to do. I’m so thankful to have a beautiful homebirth story to tell for each of my boys!” 

-Jennifer P.




Courtney“The women at Community Midwifery Services are amazing!  Four years ago, I was pregnant with our daughter.  I was very concerned finding someone who would offer the prenatal care and the birth I wanted instead of the drama-filled experiences everyone else describes.  I wasn’t sick, I was pregnant.  My doctor suggested the midwives and we scheduled an appointment immediately.  They were exactly what I wanted.  My home birth was amazing.  I loved the prenatal care and the birth so much that when our son came along, CMS took care of us again.  I highly recommend these woman to any pregnant mom and her family.  The experience is wonderful and priceless.  Don’t let anyone take your birth away from you.  Be nurtured and supported by the Community Midwives.” 

-Courtney D.

“During my pregnancies, the two beautiful home births of my daughters, and the unexpected hospital birth of my son, Michelle and Ri have provided us with excellent prenatal care and loving guidance throughout the birthing process. I highly recommend Community Midwifery Services to any family that wishes to bring their baby safely into the world in a personal and familiar environment!” 

-Shanon B.

Tenia“My husband and I have had 3 children – all assisted by the midwives. It is safe to say we would never go anywhere else to have a baby. After 4+ years of being associated with these women, we’ve built some pretty good friendships with each of them. They really care about us as people and not just patients, and they are also very sweet to our kids!

Not only are they so congenial, it’s comforting to know that you as a mother-to-be are really taken care of health-wise. Women normally have ‘pregnancy complaints’ – and instead of treating them with conventional medicines, and putting ‘who-knows-what’ in your body and the baby’s, the midwives know what is causing your problem, and how to take care of it naturally, using things that God has made instead of things that man has made. (This would also be a good time to mention that I rarely had complaints because the diet they have you follow takes care of many complaints before they happen!)

During the birth, they are there with you and for you with medical expertise and wonderful care. At the most vulnerable time in a woman’s life, they have full confidence in you, and that has always helped me personally.

If one is considering a home birth, or any birth associated by midwives, these women are a blessing to have on your side. Our family really loves them!” 

-Keith and Tenia P.

“I had my second baby with Community Midwives. It was wonderful to have my baby in the comfort of my home. I completly trusted Michelle and Ri throughout my pregnancy and birth. I felt that they were not only very knowledgable about the entire birth process but they shared their knowledge with me. Being able to birth my baby the way I wanted was one of the most empowering experience of my life. I am very thankful to have them working in our community.” 

-Kristen G.

Brandi“Wonderful experience! Thanks for offering your service to the women of Oklahoma. You all are the best at what you do!”

-Brandi F.

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Chelsea“The midwives at CMS cared for me for my past two out of four pregnancies.  I felt so blessed to have them as my midwives.  They are very professional and very good at what they do, especially when it comes to using a holistic approach to prenatal care.  Although I have not been able to have a home birth, I was so grateful to be in their care and have their support even when I had to go into the hospital.  I felt more like the hospital staff respected my wishes regarding what I wanted to be done (or not done) for my baby, because I was in the care of the midwives.

Michelle, Gail, Yvonne, Angelica, Ri, and Nikki- were all wonderful.  I went through a very hard time in my life during my fourth pregnancy, and I felt so lucky that they were there for me.  They made sure I was taking care of myself, eating right, and that I was coping as well as possible emotionally, so my baby would be healthy and well.

It has been wonderful knowing that I had their support.  They have done so much for my family and I, and are not only wonderful midwives, but great friends.  If I have another child in the future, I would not want to go anywhere else.  I will miss seeing these ladies and going to my prenatal visits!  I will always cherish the memories of visiting the midwifery with my husband and my children.  The care I received throughout both of my pregnancies was amazing!”

-Chelsea K., RN

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