Our birth room contains a guest book where every new family is invited to write about their experience. Here are some of their entries.


Kent and I were very humbled to be the first couple to give birth in your new birthing suite.

You all made me feel so special, from the fresh flowers and candle lights to the beautiful bedding. It was truly more like a spa than your typical “labor” experience…

The water birth was an amazing experience – loved the tub! Encouraging and affirming words were spoken over me through the whole labor, giving me strength and courage and direction. It was such a peaceful experience and one we will always cherish.

-Kent and Christy


As a VBAC, this birth was incredibly important to me. I needed to know that my body could birth my babies and the midwives offered nothing but support and encouragement. I feel so blessed to have worked with CMS. I am grateful for such a beautiful experience.

-Candace and Peder


I could not have asked for more. They supported me both physically and emotionally. They are some of the strongest, most inspirational women we have been honored to have met. The birthing center was such a great place to birth. The mood was relaxed and calming and peaceful. It was a wonderful experience and we all feel so blessed. Thank you to all of the love and support.

- The Y family


I was so happy with the care I received here and wish I could go back and do this with my first three! Thank you so much! You all mean so much to me!

P.S. Thanks for taking such good care of my husband and children too.

-Vince and Kim


I loved being able to do what I needed to during labor, and the gentle care after the birth was also incredible. I loved that during our prenatal care I was treated with respect and faith in my body’s ability… My whole pregnancy was calm, normal, and wonderful. We loved getting prayed over, we loved getting time to ourselves to bond. We loved the care and respect given to us… I cant say enough wonderful things about the care and the staff at CMS. May God bless you richly and abundantly!

- Tony and Becky, VBAC after prior c-section for breech


I am so thankful I was able to birth at CMS. I was 34 weeks when I changed care providers and birthed at 40 weeks and 6 days. Couldn’t be happier : ) A natural water birth is something I knew I wanted not only for me but my baby as well. I am so happy our baby had a gentle birth and I had the support and love from my husband. Thank you all so much!

- Kyle and Denise


The women at CMS were absolutely wonderful through the entire pregnancy. They are all very knowledgeable, supportive and caring. We couldn’t have asked for better people to help us bring our first child into the world. We are so happy with our experience at CMS. We can’t say thank you enough to these wonderful women.

-Sarah and Curtis


I first came to the midwives at 28 weeks pregnant. My previous provider felt that induction was in my future and I was disappointed by that. During my first visit with the midwives I was very impressed with the knowledge and care they showed. When my baby was born I was able to put him on my chest and the midwives allowed us to bond and establish breastfeeding. I will always be grateful to the midwives for allowing me to experience the natural birth I had hoped for and for being such a great support system.

Fathers note: This was perfect. They were there when we needed them and helped immensely in attending to my wife’s and baby’s needs. When things really started moving, I never once second guessed our decision to go with CMS. I am so thankful we did.

- Don and Caiti


What an amazing and beautiful experience we have had. From our first meeting we were put at ease by the knowledge, experience, sincerity and caring of everyone we have met at CMS. Of course the facility is nice, clean, well appointed etc… but your special sauce is the quality of people on your team. Each and everyone of you reinforced that we made the right choice when we chose you to guide us through the most important and joyful chapter in our lives. You will be a part of our most cherished memories and we plan on staying in touch.

- K family


I couldn’t have asked for better midwives! I am extremely happy with how they blessed me and our baby with their attentiveness. They walked me through each step of the way, were extremely helpful and supportive. I would have them deliver any baby of mine!

- Lesli and Chad


I experienced love and support from everyone at CMS and I love the way everyone is treated as friend or family, not as a patient. The midwives were wonderful throughout my labor, never acting stressed or rushing me. Always there when I needed their help with out being overbearing. Thank you for making me tea and accepting me at my worst!

- Leisha and Stephen


Thank you so much for all yall’s love, support, help and encouragement. We love you guys so much! Yall rock! May God bless and keep you! We will be back with our next blessing!

- Jesse and Brianna

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