Busted: 6 Myths About Midwives


Myth number 1: Birth with a midwife is not safe

Fact: Years of research has shown that for low risk women, birth with a midwife is as safe, and often safer, than birth with a physician. Delivering with a midwife reduces your risk of having a cesarean, assisted vaginal delivery, episiotomy, laceration, postpartum depression and a newborn that needs to be in the NICU. You are also more likely to have success with breastfeeding and feel satisfied with your birth experience.

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Myth number 2: Midwives can’t handle an emergencycanstockphoto14705679

Fact: Midwives are very skilled at handling a wide variety of obstetrical emergencies including hemorrhage and resuscitation. Midwives spend most of their time working to prevent emergencies and unnecessary interventions. However, they always monitor you and your baby closely during your pregnancy and birth so that they can step in when their skills are needed.


Myth number 3: Midwives don’t have formal training

Fact: There are many different types of midwives. The most common are Certified Nurse Midwives and Certified Professional Midwives. Both CNMs and CPMs must complete extensive formal training. Many receive a bachelors or masters degree in midwifery and all CNMs and CPMs are required to pass extensive national exams. If you are looking for a midwife be sure and ask about their education and credentials.


Myth number 4: Midwives only attend births at home

Fact: Midwives can work in many different settings including hospitals, birth centers, and homes.


Myth number 5: Midwives only focus on pregnancy

Fact: Many midwives also provide well-woman and gynecological care for women of all ages including teenagers and women in menopause.









Myth number 6: Midwives are the same as doulas

Fact: Doulas are non-medical professionals who provide physical and emotional support for women during their labor. Midwives also provide support, but their primary role is your healthcare provider. They monitor the health of you and your baby and take care of your medical needs.

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