Busted: 6 Myths About Midwives

11 Nov 2016
Busted: 6 Myths About Midwives

Busted: 6 Myths About Midwives   Myth number 1: Birth with a midwife is not safe Fact: Years of research has shown that for low risk women, birth with a midwife is as safe, and often safer, than birth with a physician. Delivering with a midwife reduces your risk of having a cesarean, assisted vaginal delivery, episiotomy, laceration, postpartum depression and a newborn that needs to be in the NICU. You are also more likely to have success with breastfeeding and feel satisfied with your birth experience.             Myth number 2: Midwives can’t handle an emergency Fact: Midwives are very skilled at handling a wide.

Your Baby is What You Eat

16 Jun 2015

Better nutrition equals a healthier child overall – not only in infancy but also later on in life. You are only pregnant with this child once, and you only have one chance to control the formation of your baby’s body. You give your baby the building blocks with which to form healthy bones, brain cells, organs and an overall healthy immune system. Your baby forms from the nutrients that you supply and this early phase of development will affect it for the rest of its life. So can you make it through your entire pregnancy on ice cream and potato chips? Of course! But does this mean that you and your baby will enjoy the best possible outcomes? There.

A mother’s story of her daughters Eczema solution

16 Apr 2015

Andrea Klopf, RN BSN Is it gone for good? Is she cured? We sure hope so! My tough toddler has battled eczema for her first 21 months of life. She was born with a dime sized dry area in the crease of her right ankle. Within days of life, she had breakouts to her face and trunk. Instead of skin to skin, I had to keep a thin cotton baby blanket between us to protect her. Even that didn’t work well; my body heat alone caused red, irritating flareups. At 10 weeks old, she was officially diagnosed with eczema by her pediatrician. The typical, unhelpful recommendations were made. I was.