Just for Fun

Below are a list of wonderful photographers, videographers, artists, and more! Enjoy!

L. Lenae Photography
Lindsey Lenae is a young, energetic photographer who specializes in portraits. Visit her site for more information and scheduling.

ToMorrows Memories Photography

Mary Morrow is an experienced photographer who specializes in Birth, Adoption and Family Photography. She also offers birth videography services, and has some of her birth photos featured right here on the Community Midwifery site.

Hailey McNeal Photography

Hailey McNeal is a portrait photographer from Oklahoma (U.S.) who dreams of being an international photojournalist. Hailey has recently branched out into birth photography and her work is also featured on our site.

Hello Henna
Lauren Dale is a Norman-based artist specializing in henna art, both traditional & non-traditional.