Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

Community Midwifery Services, founded in 1995, is a group centered practice providing midwifery service to the community and operating as a community. We are dedicated to the education, support, and care of women in the childbearing years and beyond. The Midwifery Model of Care is a reasonable option for low-risk women.  It offers them shared decision-making, a family-centered experience, and the opportunity for a fulfilling, empowering birth. CMS is committed to providing access to comprehensive, evidence-based care.

Meet the Midwives

Michelle Hernandez, CPM, LM

Michelle became interested in midwifery after the birth of her daughter in 1986, and attended her first birth in 1987.

  • Apprenticeship: Las Vegas, NV – 1991 to 1993
  • Began practice in Oklahoma – 1993
  • Passed the NARM National Exam – 1995
  • Expanded credential to Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) – 2006
  • Licensed in Oklahoma – 2020

Michelle strives to assist our clients in having the best birth possible by providing them with midwifery care or helping them to transition to a provider that best serves their individual needs.

Gail Brown, ND, CPM, LM

Gail began her interest in midwifery in 1983. After personally experiencing 3 impersonal hospital deliveries, she became determined to provide another option for mothers.

  • Apprenticeship: Arkansas – 1984
  • Completed the Association of Texas Midwife Certification program – 1984
  • Co-founded the Oklahoma Midwives Alliance (OMA) – 1985
  • Certified as a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) – 1996
  • Completed the Naturopath Certification with Trinity School of Natural Health – 1998
  • Infant CranioSacral Training with Carol Gray – 2011
  • Upledger CranioSacral Trainings CST1, CST2, SER1 & SER2 – 2011 to 2014
  • Licensed in Oklahoma – 2021

Gail believes that birth is a natural life occurrence and that women can birth their babies. She sees her role as a caregiver to the woman, to guard and educate, focusing on providing sound advice and good nutrition as the road to a safe birth and a healthy baby. Midwife means “with woman,” and Gail loves being with you.

Nicole (Nikki) Imes, CPM, LM, CranioSacral therapist

Nikki’s passion began her passion for birth at an early age, attending the home births of 2 of her siblings in 1997 & 2000.

  • Began attending births as a doula – 2000
  • Certified as a DONA Birth Doula – 2009
  • Certified as an OMA Midwife’s Assistant – 2011
  • Infant CranioSacral Training with Carol Gray – 2011
  • Upledger CranioSacral Trainings CST1, CST2, SER1 & SER2 – 2011 to 2014
  • Completed the OMA Senior Midwife requirements – 2016
  • Certified as a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) – 2017
  • Licensed in Oklahoma – 2020

Nikki believes that pregnancy and birth are powerful times in a woman’s life, and the role of a midwife is to support a woman in finding her own inner strength as she creates and brings forth her child.

Rachel Taylor, ASM, CPM, LM

Rachel Taylor was introduced to midwifery at age 10 when she attended the birth of her little brother at a birth center and midwifery school.

  • Apprenticeship at Newlife International School of Midwifery – 2018-2021
  • Associate of Science in Midwifery from the National College of Midwifery – 2022
  • Certified Professional Midwife – 2022
  • Licensed in Oklahoma – 2022

Rachel is passionate about embodying the “with woman” mindset of midwifery for the education and empowerment of mothers throughout the childbearing years. She loves getting to walk through these intimate moments with families, and bear witness to the positive outcomes they experience through the midwifery model of care.

Crystal Wright, Certified Birth Assistant, Intern Midwife

Crystal developed her passion for birth work during the various birth experiences of her 8 children.

  • Certified as a DONA Birth Doula – 2014
  • Certified as a HypnoBabies HypnoDoula – 2015
  • Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator (LCCE) – 2016
  • Joined the CMS team – 2017
  • Began midwifery training at CMS – 2020

 Crystal believes that women are designed to birth, so it is her passion to educate, advocate, and facilitate for the best possible experience.

Taelor Bueno, Student Midwife

Taelor began her interest in midwifery after the birth of her two children.

  • Bachelor of Science from Texas Women’s University – 2017
  • Completion of Doula Training – 2020
  • CMS Apprenticeship Program – 2020
  • Began Bachelor of Midwifery program from Midwives College of Utah – 2021

Taelor wants to help women achieve a physiologic birth and remind them of their own strength. She wants to assure them that they are in a safe space to do what only they can do, which is to birth their baby.

“The greatest joy is to become a mother…the second greatest is to become a midwife.” – Norwegian Proverb