CMS is a midwifery service offered to the community dedicated to the education, support and care of women in their childbearing years and beyond. We believe in the natural process of birth and life. Our goal is to offer women and their families the opportunity to have fulfilling and empowering birth experience. We hope to facilitate an atmosphere of privacy and protection for the birthing mother and the new baby. We extend every effort to allow bonding to occur naturally by not separating the mother and baby in the first hour after birth.

It is our priority to assure that the mother hold her baby immediately after birth, be the one to discover the sex of her baby, count fingers and toes and warm her baby with her own body heat. We strongly believe that birth is a natural, joyous and intimate event for the family. We will do all we can to facilitate your wishes for your birth. CMS is dedicated to providing professional care while preserving the individual needs and desires of each family we serve. We provide prenatal care and counseling for those who chose to birth with us, monitoring the progression of the pregnancy and assisting in the process of keeping our mothers low risk and healthy.

We believe that prevention is the best way for women to maintain a healthy pregnancy. We choose natural solutions (nutrition, herbs, and homeopathy) to potential problems whenever we can but are able to provide other options when necessary. We are privileged to have direct physician referral available for OB/GYN or pediatric concerns. We also provide well baby and postpartum care.


* Photo by Kelly Poff of Little Goose Birth Services