It is vital that you take responsibility for your health and the health of your baby. Delivery of your baby at CMS or at home is dependant on your health and low risk status. Remaining low risk involves eating a healthy diet, moderate exercise and avoiding any substances that could harm your baby or endanger your health. Parents who choose an out of hospital birth with CMS are saying that they are educated about birth and the possible risks in and outside the hospital, have chosen to birth outside the hospital and assume responsibility for the outcome.

When you choose a CMS midwife you have the freedom to make choices regarding your prenatal care and your birth. When you choose to birth outside the hospital you will not have to be subjected to the interventions that can create added risk and are common in hospital birth. However you must be aware that situations can arise quickly and time is lost in receiving advanced medical attention. These situations are very rare but they do happen. You need to spend time educating yourself about the risks and work to try and prevent them. Again, the best way to stay low risk and ensure the health of your baby is to gift yourself with exemplary nutrition and good health practices. These issues will be discussed at your prenatal appointments and in your classes.

If you have any pre-existing conditions, such as cardiac disease, diabetes, hypertension, etc., you cannot be accepted as a client by CMS and you will be strongly advised not to attempt a birth outside the hospital. We can assist you in finding a physician who will allow us to be involved with your prenatal care and your birth.

Communication is very important. We will be open and honest with you and we expect the same in return. Please feel free to talk to us if you have any physical problems or problems affecting your emotional health. Sometimes pregnancy hormones can make even the simplest thing hard to cope with. The good news is there are usually solutions that are easy to implement and you will enjoy your pregnancy so much more if you trust us enough to share your concerns. Your birth experience will be greatly enhanced if there are no lingering problems or anxieties.