The midwives at CMS provide prenatal care for all our mothers and have laboratory and ultrasound technology available. We also have physician consultation and/or referral available when needed.

When you have your baby with a CMS midwife you will be monitored by one or more midwives. We will monitor your physical condition, as well as your baby’s, during the pregnancy and labor. We will assist you in any way we can to achieve the birthing experience you desire while maintaining the safety of both mother and baby. At least one attendant will monitor mother and baby for at least two hours after birth. When there is an issue concerning the safety of the mother or baby you must trust your midwife’s judgment.

The midwives at CMS are dedicated protectors of natural, normal birth. We do not suggest interventions that are not absolutely necessary and we need to be assured that you will follow the midwives’ recommendations. You will be informed of the situation and be allowed to make decisions, however if you choose not to take the advice of the midwife you will be asked to sign a non-compliance form to ensure the midwife will not be held responsible for your choices. Cases involving special circumstances that, in our judgment, make an out of hospital birth unwise will be referred to other healthcare providers trained to handle obstetrical difficulties. The midwives at CMS reserve the right to terminate the client/midwife relationship if a client refuses to comply with recommendations which in the midwives opinion serve to maintain the safety of the mother or baby. The midwives will continue to assist you after your birth, at scheduled visits, with any questions or concerns you may have for up to 8 weeks. After this time an additional fee for office visits will be charged.

The midwives at CMS are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by phone or pager. If you have questions or need assistance you may call your primary midwife or any midwife associated with CMS. Click here for contact information.