We are pleased to offer a variety of classes to our clients. Childbirth education, breastfeeding, nutrition, early pregnancy, infant massage, baby wearing, and other classes may be presented at CMS throughout the year. Please ask for information on any classes you maybe interested in and we will do our best to provide a list of instructors and fee schedules. You can also check our midwifery links section for more information.

Birth Classes

Birthing at Home – $300IMG_2733

A 6 week long childbirth education course to prepare you for giving birth outside the hospital. The classes are ongoing so you may join the series at any time. Currently held at our clinic on Saturdays from 2pm to 5pm (except for national holidays). To sign up for the class call our office or contact instructor Jessi Vining (405) 596-7326

Topics Covered:

1. Stages of Labor and Birth
This class discusses variations in how labor progresses, when to call the midwife and what to expect when she arrives. During this class we talk about how to recognize the signs of labor progress from early labor to pushing. We also watch several videos of women in labor and discuss what is “normal” in laboring.

2. Comfort Measures
In this class we practice many different positions and comfort measures designed to help the baby rotate and move down in the pelvis, while also helping the mother to feel more comfortable. This class emphasizes partner involvement as we practice massage and encouragement techniques. This class also discusses how doulas can be helpful to the mother and partner during the birth.

3. Complications
What happens when things do not go as planned? This class discusses reasons why transport to the hospital would be necessary and how it takes place. It also looks at complications that can be dealt with at home, and what to expect if these rare situations arise. Discuss preparing a “hospital birth plan” and what to pack in a “just in case” hospital bag (optional).

4. Emotions of Birth

This class discusses preparing for the emotional aspects of giving birth, from labor to adjusting during the postpartum time period. We also take time to discuss and address fears or concerns. It is important to process through these things prior to labor. Look forward to talking with others who might be experiencing the same thoughts/emotions you are.Breastfeeding Classes

5. After the Birth
What happens after the baby is born? This class talks about the newborn exam, normal newborn behavior and breastfeeding. Learn how to create a postpartum plan to ease the transition as you add another member to your family. Discuss the benefits of placenta encapsulation and what to do if the baby blues just won’t go away.

6. Empowerment
This class talks about positive affirmations and encouragement. Take home positive birth stories and practice relaxation and focusing techniques. We discuss informed consent and decision making. Envision your ideal birth, identify the things that are most important and discuss practical things that you can do to help make it a reality


Breastfeeding Education – $75

Private pre-natal breastfeeding class to prepare new and experienced mothers in home or at CMS.


Breastfeeding Support – $45-65

Private post-natal breastfeeding support for new and experienced mothers in home or at CMS.