Birth Stories

Birth Stories

Lacie B.

“We were so lucky to have found this place. We had the most perfect birth and will be back for all future babies.”

Krystal S.

“We are so very grateful to all of you because you treated us like family and opened your hearts and home to us. I am so proud of the environment our daughter was born into~ one of warmth and love and you all helped to create that. “

D'Andra P.

“We are again impressed and appreciative of the care we received during pregnancy and birth with CMS. I had my first water birth and the team coached me while I caught my son! I do and will continue to recommend the CMS team to friends and family.”

Kimberly S.

“My birth experience at CMS was fantastic! We were in the process of building a home and it was not ready to have a home birth. I know God had a perfect plan and I was supposed to deliver at CMS. Our birth team was amazing.”

Crystal B.

“Our oldest daughter was able to be with us and help deliver her brother. Not only did the midwives love on mom and dad and baby but they loved on our other little ones and let them help in special ways.”

Megan J.

“The second we got there I was overcome with peace. The midwives speak so softly and kindly. They kept me informed with everything that was happening and willing to pause the conversation during contractions. I am also thankful for the care and the availability of the midwives after my baby was born.”

Leisha D.

“During my entire pregnancy I experienced love and support from everyone at CMS. I love the way everyone is treated as a friend or family, not as a patient.”

Brianna M.

“Thank you so much for all y’alls love, support, help and encouragement! Y’all ROCK.”

Leslie B.

“I couldn’t have asked for better midwives. I’m extremely happy with how they blessed me and our baby with their attentiveness. They walked with me each step of the way. Helpful and supportive. I would have them deliver any baby of mine.”

Caiti and Don G.

“I will always be grateful to the midwives for allowing me to experience the natural birth I had hoped for and for being such a great support system. (Fathers note: That was perfect! They were there when WE needed them. Once things really started moving, I never once second guessed our decision to go with CMS.) “

Sarah S.

“We are so happy with our experience at CMS. We can’t say thank you enough to these wonderful women.”

Denise B.

“I am so thankful that I was able to birth at CMS and made the switch at 34 weeks. If we have more children I would do a natural water birth all over again.”

Becky P.

“I loved being able to do what I needed during labor and the gentle care after birth was also incredible. My VBAC baby was born at CMS and I can’t say enough wonderful things about the care and the staff.”

Kim V.

“I was so happy with the care I received here at CMS and I wish I could go back and do it this way for my first two. Thank you so much. You all mean so much to me.”

Emma Y.

“The new birth center was such a great place to birth. The mood was relaxed, calming, and peaceful. It was a wonderful experience and we all feel so blessed. Thank you for all the love and support.”

Candace A.

“Our son was born at CMS and the entire experience was incredibly peaceful and joyful. Two things I prayed for. As a VBAC, this birth was incredibly important to me. I needed to know my body could birth my babies and the midwives offered nothing but support and encouragement. I feel so blessed to have worked with CMS. I am grateful for such a beautiful experience.”

Brandi F.

“Wonderful experience! Thanks for offering your service to the women of Oklahoma. You all are the best at what you do!”

Kristen G.

“I had my second baby with Community Midwives. It was wonderful to have my baby in the comfort of my home. I completly trusted Michelle and Ri throughout my pregnancy and birth. I felt that they were not only very knowledgable about the entire birth process but they shared their knowledge with me. Being able to birth my baby the way I wanted was one of the most empowering experience of my life. I am very thankful to have them working in our community.” 

Shannon B.

“During my pregnancies, the two beautiful home births of my daughters, and the unexpected hospital birth of my son, Michelle and Ri have provided us with excellent prenatal care and loving guidance throughout the birthing process. I highly recommend Community Midwifery Services to any family that wishes to bring their baby safely into the world in a personal and familiar environment!” 

Jennifer P.

“CMS has supported me and my family through both of my pregnancies and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Having a drug-free birth and delayed cord clamping were very important to me and with the care of a midwife I didn’t have to “fight” for these things. I was able to be very relaxed during labor and listen to my body and my baby with no pressure to do something I didn’t want to do. I’m so thankful to have a beautiful homebirth story to tell for each of my boys!” 

Pixie S.

“My first birth experience with CMS was watching them care for a friend of mine. I couldn’t help but notice how incredibly different her experience was from my first pregnancy where I was treated with disrespect, and even contempt, by my OBGYN. Her birth convinced me that maybe it would be okay to have another child, because, obviously, pregnancy didn’t have to be the way I experienced it the first time around. “

Dr. William B. Sparks

“We enjoyed having CMS help us deliver both our children! CMS was professional, concerned, and very well trained. If we were to have anymore, I wouldn’t hesitate to use their services again. One of my favorite things about them was their concern for proper preparation. Nutrition, Nutrition, and more Nutrition and advice on a 40 week preparation for our desired birth. Many people give more attention to diet and exercise to run a marathon. I think preparation is far more important for the marathon of birth.”

Holly A.

“First of all, I’m so thankful for my homebirth. Having the personal care of a midwife who lets you birth the way you want and facilitates your care based on your preference is amazing!”

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