Contact Us

Contact Us

Community Midwifery Services, LLC
2121 W. Main Street
Norman, OK 73069

ph: 405.447.9433
fax: 405.703.9089

For clients with urgent needs, the midwife on call is available 7-days a week by phone at 405.266.0096.

Clinic hours are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, 10am-5pm.

Please notify the midwife on call via phone call (NOT text message):

  • Early Labor: We always appreciate knowing things may be warming up! We encourage you to call us at any point you feel a need for support or have a question.
  • Labor (5-1-1): We definitely should hear from you by the time your contractions are regular at 5 minutes apart, lasting 1 minute long, for 1 hour or more. Fluid leaking or bloody show are also reasons to contact us even if contractions have not picked up yet.
  • Labor (10-1-1): If you have had a precipitous labor in the past, or if you live more than 45 minutes from Norman, it is a good idea for us to hear from you sooner, such as when you contractions are 10 minutes apart, lasting 1 minute long, for 1 hour or more.
  • If you call the midwife and she does not respond in 10 minutes, please call again.

If you have a general inquiry, please feel free to use the form below to contact us.